Ticket Redemption

Ocean Pearls

Innovative new game from JET featuring state of the art “Black Screen” technology.

Exciting new game from Jennison, featuring two 55” black screens, integrated into a proven reliable mechanical format and fully interacting with a vibrant cast of characters, within a visually superb undersea setting. Players release a ball from the top of the game, to skilfully manoeuvre the ball into one of the two large bonus areas to trigger the fun and big tickets in this wonderful seaside based adventure. Settings are expansive and will accommodate the most demanding of set up requirements graphically superior, exciting interaction between the players and the Mermaid,

Pelican, Eel, Crab and many more in the supporting cast.

Dimensions (mm): W2134  D1067  H2566

20' Container = 5 units

40' Container = 11 units

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