Ticket Redemption

Redeem Machine

  • Andamiro’s high-tech, interactive self-service kiosk accepts, validates and counts collectable redemption cards, coins and chips. Ready for Andamiro’s SpongeBob, Minions and WWE game cards, as well as Bandai Namco’s DC Superheroes cards.
  • Recognises bonus sets and awards “e-tickets” and points, accordingly.
  • Compatible with popular swipe-card cashless systems, including Embed, Intercard and Sacoa.
  • Ships with dual ticket dispensers for traditional “ticket” venues.
  • Helps prevent card fraud and theft. Reads barcoded and RFID cards. Securely stores high-value trade-ins.
  • Self-service operation eliminates need for staff intervention, reducing bottlenecks at the redemption center.
  • Dual screens (23” ea.) enable user-friendly experience.

Dimensions (mm):  W650   D825   H1819

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