Ticket Redemption

Space Ballz

A huge impact arcade centrepiece, Space Ballz features a short movie trailer in which the main character ‘Dean-O’ the monkey, introduces the game and encourages the player to help him refuel his space ship. The object of the game is for the player to time the release of a ball in order to try and win the Space Ballz Bonus, or more tickets. The player releases the ball by pushing the large plasma button on the control panel and if a player successfully gets the ball into the Bonus Hole, they will win more balls and many more tickets! There are over 3,000 multicoloured LEDs used in the cabinet and the game features a 32” LCD monitor that displays game information.

Dimensions (mm): W1450  D1420  H2590

20' Container = 5 units

40' container = 11 units

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