Ticket Redemption

Triple Turn

Triple Turn Ticket Redemption Ball Game - In this new ticket redemption ball game from Namco, players push a lever forward to release a ball down the tube at the top of the game. Players need to time the ball drop just right to make the ball fall into the tube of their choice, each tubes are assigned to different ticket payout values.

On each of the three levels of gameplay, there are holes labelled with different ticket values. If a ball should fall through a “Bonus” hole, 3 additional balls shoot out of the tube ! And if the ball makes it to the “Blue” level of the game, it then has the chance to drop into a special hole that will take it to another level of the game, similar to playing miniature golf - And if the player is lucky enough to get a ball to roll into the special “Jackpot” hole in the lower level playfield, they get the big ticket payout!

Dimensions (mm): W889  D1651  H2566

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