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Aliens Armageddon

Players help save earth from the invading extraterrestrials in Raw Thrills’ latest shooter, Aliens Armageddon ! Based on the popular Sci-fi franchise, players become a part of the action to help battle invading extraterrestrials after all of Earth’s major cities get wiped off the map. As UFO’s descend from the skies, it begins to look as if humanity is doomed. Fortunately, you are there to fight back to try to send the invaders back to the stars. Aliens Armageddon is a fully-licensed “Aliens” product with four chapters of dynamically fast and intense game play. Epic battles with enormous Xenomorphs will have player’s heart and guns pumping. Cutting-edge graphics and sound will make players feel like they are in the middle of all the action. The force-feedback guns with clip reload and alternate fire button add a depth of realism to the shooter. ‘CoinUp” enabled online leaderboards will drive players to come back over and over again. The lighted multi-layer Alien Marquee Topper will draw in players from across the room.

Dimensions (mm): W1346  D1524  H2974

40' container = 12 units

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