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STAR WARS™: Battle Pod™ / Flat Screen Edition

Experience the famous high speed actions from the STAR WARS™ movies on a massive 42” with Unreal Engine™ clear screen, without having to operate difficult controls. Ride the vehicles and immerse yourself in the realism of the action and the exhilaration of destruction. With 20° of tilted seat and screen, the realism of the vehicle operation can be felt and enjoyed. 

Enjoy the multi play mode where you can compete with friends and family and enjoy the fun throughout space! The 5 stages that can be played on Single play mode can all be played on Multi Play Mode.

STAR WARS™: Battle Pod™ / Flat Screen Edition

STAR WARS © &™ 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Dimensions (mm): W1206 D1486 H2240

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