It's Showtime: IAAPA Expo Europe 2021

Added 10.09.21

Our first physical trade show after Covid-19 struck offers promise with the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. Sales Team set to host the stand in full force, framing Raw Thrills’ NERF Arcade for lucky bystanders. Envisage it - mounting the machine, grabbing that oversized NERF Blaster, and firing relentlessly at targets whilst the “Dream Team” (as they assuredly like to call themselves) warmly watch on equipped to address any sales queries that you might have. Although we’re coyly but proudly dipping the toe back into the world of live trade shows by means of a one-machine show, you’ll also have access to our online brochure to discuss all of our top games from big name suppliers. Besides, we could almost guarantee you’ve had a play on those top titles already so we’re effectively prioritising the proven numbers that these machines can provide. Subjectivity can mislead you, but stats don’t.

We’ve recently spoken loosely about a remodelling of our methods, as we felt this was the perfect time to cook up a better approach for the company, the team, our partners, our customers and subsequently, the players. While we’re exciting to see open busy markets and trade shows back on the agenda, we’re affording ourselves a ‘calm before the storm’ moment in terms of the physical size of our presence at IAAPA Expo Europe 2021. We’ll make up for it in bags of BANDAI NAMCO charm.

Reach out to a sales representative prior to the show to arrange a meeting, or just swing by for a spontaneous chat – we look forward to it!

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