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BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. and Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont brings the multiplayer VR arcade game to Europacorp La Joliette, Marseille 

Marseille, France – VR ZONE Portal – Continuing the introduction of our global brand ‘VR ZONE Portal’ worldwide, we are pleased to announce the opening of ‘VR ZONE Portal Marseille’, the very first of its kind in France. We formed a close working relationship with Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumontover the last 12 months and found they share the same vision and enthusiasm for the VR ZONE Portal brand. We’re delighted to work alongside them for our first venture outside the UK to France, a country with an increasingly high demand for virtual reality.” – Matt Bradley, VR Project Manager.

Located in the heart of the new Euromed district of Marseille; the VR ZONE Portal is amongst good company within EuropaCorp La Joliette which also offers a high level of services and the latest technological innovations with 100% projection laser, a Dolby cinema room, a 4DX and ScreenX room. Europacorp La Joliette has been open to the public since mid-March as part of a soft launch but only officially launched last month.

“EuropaCorp cinema la Joliette offers a unique and unprecedented virtual reality offer in France imagined in partnership with BANDAI NAMCO. Equipped with headphones and joysticks, you can challenge your friends on the tracks of Mario Kart, fly a ship in a futuristic Japan, play the tightrope Walker on a Board between two skyscrapers and for the bravest, plunge into the heart of a haunted hospital.” – Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont

“‘VR ZONE Portal Marseille’ is home to four of our Virtual Reality titles: Argyle Shift, Hospital Escape Terror, The Big Fear of Heights Experience and Mario Kart VR. With France joining the growing list of countries with access to a ‘VR ZONE Portal’, we can confirm the continuation of interest in the world of VR, its vast potential and opulent future. Expect the release of many more innovative experiences and exciting ‘VR ZONE Portal’ openings.” – Matt Bradley, VR Project Manager.

About BANDAI NAMCOAmusement Europe

A subsidiary of BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc., a multi-billion Yen company involved in the development of amusement machines since 1955, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd is the coin-operated amusement machine supply company serving the EMEA and other regions. 

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd.’s trading brands include 'BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.', the distribution arm serving the UK, Ireland, Middle East, Europe and Africa, which distributes machine spares, components and ancillary products, BANDAI NAMCO Prize which supplies prize and consumable products throughout this industry and BANDAI NAMCO Managements Solutions which offers “cashless” payment systems to retail locations


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