PAC-MAN celebrates 40th anniversary at EAG 2020

Added 06.02.20

PAC-MAN is a long-standing popular character and the nostalgic endearment runs deep in the hearts of many. From first conception, PAC-MAN was a character that appealed to the masses. In fact, interestingly the entire intention behind the game was to introduce more women to the arcade. After vetoing shopping as a theme, its creator Toru Iwatani settled on the topic of food for this 1980 arcade hit. Obviously, food withstands the battle of time always remaining relevant, whereas a female-targeted shopping game certainly wouldn’t have cut it in today’s society. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the greatest - PAC-MAN born from the appearance of a pizza with one slice removed.

With the longevity of PAC-MAN’s popularity in mind and the fact 2020 marks 40 years since it launched into arcades, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Limited (BNAE) launches a product line alongside calls from sister company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment to “Join the Pac” in a year-long string of global brand and event partnerships. At EAG, Darrell Simmonds EMEA Sales Manager for BNAE’s Prize Division discussed their own product lines that exist to celebrate the pop culture icon. “It was an excellent show for us this year – we exhibited new lines and received promising feedback. PAC-MAN’s upcoming 40th anniversary this year inspired our new line of PAC-MAN products.” The evident buzz surrounding this line proves its resolute strength after 40 years of existence. Not only is it strong, it’s incredibly powerful with the #1 anticipated product already topping global sale expectations - the new PAC-MAN Wireless Speaker Phone Charger and Light. The user’s phone sits inside the open mouth of the adorable video game character and triples up as both a glowing desk light and a speaker. Considering a brand-new PAC-MAN 40th anniversary theme song composed by world-renowned Japanese Techno artist Ken Ishii just dropped in Q4 ‘19, we know what we’ll be putting top of the playlist.

The full PAC-MAN product list includes: the aforementioned Wireless Speaker, but also 7” shiny plush including a gold PAC-MAN (special edition), bobble heads, 3D key chains and the Mr & Mrs watch set.

Other products that have been designed, created and released in synchronisation with some of the latest blockbusters include new coloured Scooby Doo and the gang, Paddington, Minecraft, and Harley Quinn plush.

Not only this, but the Prize stand was also sporting a new team asset at EAG. Simmonds continues, “It was the first show for our new member of the team Alka Mandal and she is looking forward to following up with all the customers she has met.” Alka’s presence definitely provided exuberant vitality to an already strong team at this year’s show.

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