PAC-MAN’s Pixel Bash distributes outside US for the first time!

Added 09.09.21

The lucky folk in America always seem to get the cool things first, and in our eyes, there’s no finer example than PAC-MAN’s Pixel Bash. Well, hold on to your joysticks because word on the street says PAC-MAN’s Pixel Bash is officially able to distribute within the UK, EU, Middle East and beyond. That’s certified, officially licensed, legal, CE-tested, glorious PAC-MAN goodness – so much so that our pupils may have just morphed into little yellow hearts. For clarity, that’s the Coin-Op upright cabinet. You know, the version with the bigger screen.

The aesthetic and ultra-retro vibes alone are enough to inspire a sprinkling of units within your Bar Arcades and Entertainment Venues, but the content lands with just about the largest demographic you can think of. PAC-MAN has always been deemed “people’s choice” for its simplicity and appeal to wide audiences, and the same applies to this coin-op crowd-pleaser. And that’s not even the 3.5% of it - it hosts a total of 31 iconic games including DigDug, Galaga and PAC-Mania.

The best thing about the interval between the US release and the wider release is the testing – it has achieved exceptional proven results within the market so we can purchase with concrete confidence in the investment… Not that we’d ever be in doubt of the pertinacious power of PAC-MAN. If you’re looking for sales options, please send us an email with your query.


*Psst* While we’re on the subject, we might as well slip in a subtle wink that the cogs are turning to launch a range of PAC-MAN themed home accessories that will be joining the redemption prize market in the future – we’ll keep you updated, because we’re thoughtful like that.

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