POTUS wins gold as Mario Kart Arcade GP Dx thrives!

Added 15.02.21

Camp David: a mountain retreat where Presidents of the United States can kick back and give their prodigious responsibilities a moment’s respite. What would you do with such precious downtime?

Well, newly-appointed President Biden thought a spot of Mario Kart racing with his granddaughter would do the trick for his first weekend away since entering the Whitehouse in January – and we really don’t blame him, we’d no doubt do the same. We had actually planned to write and release a piece this week on the subject of Mario Kart Arcade GP when Mr Biden was seen to be ripping up dust on the very same tracks yesterday (EST Saturday PM) giving us a journalistic kick up the exhaust pipe… Oh and for those that care (we do), he played and won as Yoshi… or Luigi. It’s really hard to tell but it is definitely green, and our Instagram Story poll that we have running is 51% in favour of it being a Yoshi-shaped blob…

The manufacturer wheels have not stopped turning throughout the pandemic and sales have remained consistently high for this evergreen arcade game as both the No.1 driving game in family entertainment centres around the world, plus as you’d expect, there’s been a notable power-up in home sales. If you’d like to make a purchase, please contact the team at

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