Storm™ by Triotech makes a powerful impact on BANDAI NAMCO’s stand at EAG

Added 06.02.20

In the last 5 years or so, presumptively what we’ve all eagerly anticipated the most is the latest VR offerings, and with that in mind let’s delve a little deeper into the eye of Triotech’s Storm™. Positioned centrally on the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Limited (BNAE) stand at EAG, Storm™ didn’t fail to pull in the acquisitive crowds, exemplifying the expected on-site performance once launched to market.

Triotech’s Marketing Vice President Christian Martin comments on its overall journey to market: “The hurdles in developing such products are numerous and we have had challenges as all companies do in such endeavours. However, at Triotech we use a stage-gate product development process that is helping us in making sure that in the end, the user experience for the guest is amazing and the return on investment for the operator is solid. After all, we are Creators of Fun.”

BNAE’s VR Project Manager, Matt Bradley welcomes the experience to the company’s repertoire of games stating: “Storm™ has had an overwhelmingly good reception here at EAG and with a great influx of interest already, we look forward to its imminent release into the UK market this Spring.” 

This Virtual Reality simulator ride incorporates all the factors that are currently being discussed as crucial components for successful LBVR experiences – multiplayer, haptic feedback, coin-op feature, interactive elements and a competitive scoring system encouraging repeat play. It comes as a 2-player with motion seats, a hand-tracking system attached to the headset for quick turn-around times and a large in-game display on live stream to lure in watchful crowds. All of this compact into a relatively small-scale footprint for its potential income, makes for a rather appealing product!

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