Storm™ Reigns Through Turbulent Conditions

Added 14.10.20

The UK distribution of Triotech’s new Storm™ was unsurprisingly halted for obvious reasons.

Once clearance was finally given for the amusement sector to open, Storm™ was confidently issued out to its first recipient at Butlins Bognor Regis Resort. The takings have been impressive, even - and we really mean this - even for a pre-Covid world despite reduced capacities within the venue.

“Since taking delivery in late July this title really has gone down a storm, early revenue has been very strong on par with the other market leading coin-op VR product.  We operate a manned environment which is fully Covid-secure, and feedback from guests has been extremely positive to date both in terms of hygiene and gameplay.” says Trevor Sutton, Leisure Equipment Controller for NAMCO UK Ltd.

To state it more directly, Virtual Rabbids had consistently held number 1 weekly spot for VR income in Bognor before Storm™ blustered in stealing top spot for the majority of weeks since its install. Its performance has not negatively affected the income of any other VR machine – so a punchy addition to the site’s overall revenue.

Hollywood Bowl followed suit in Crawley and are now deciding on locations to invest in further units. Matt Bradley, VR Project Manager for BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. says “Storm™ has caused quite the surge at Crawley, grandly landing as its top earning machine. It acts as real assurance for the LBVR market that despite the current climate, the right machine in the right location will retain its profitability. Definitely a welcomed asset to our machine sales range.”

To grab yourself a blast of the action, please contact your local sales representative or enquire at

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