The King of VR has arrived!

Added 29.01.21

It’s Raw Thrills’ first VR unit to market and it accommodates an iconic instantaneously recognisable IP – it’s King Kong of Skull Island™ – and it’s finally here.

The first production, which was sold out almost as quickly as was put forward, is officially on its way to its first destinations. Already pipped as a dominant player in the VR sector, this title did not let a global pandemic stop it from flaunting impressively high revenue during its stays at chosen US development test locations and performed with the highest income amongst comparative experiences.

The first time the industry gained confirmation of rumours behind King Kong of Skull Island™ was IAPPA 2019, with looped in-game footage shown on a screen on the BANDAI NAMCO booth. The footage – which has since been refined further – was so compelling that its potential was heeded in spite of the thousands of live playable physical machines amongst it.

Mr Nabil Kassim, CEO of Warehouse of Games (WoG) says “From the moment we saw the preview of the product at IAAPA 2019, we knew we were looking at what is soon to be a top-selling pivotal title in the global market due to its strong license and the gold-standard of its developer and manufacturer Raw Thrills. We went on to show the video product to key customers, in response to which Magic Planet had the foresight to order the product immediately for a number of their locations across the region. It’s gratifying to see the first units have come off the production line and are now on the water soon to be installed and in action.”

Whilst this is tremendously exciting news for WoG and Magic Planet who managed to grab dibs of a large quantity of units from this first batch, there will be some wishing they were a little quicker off the mark. It’s a good thing then that there’s still some availability on the next production that’s due to ship mid-February – as momentum gathers for this production, we’d advise quick responses.

From the array of its many stand-out features, it employs the latest VR technology from HP – the HP Reverb G2. To explain the premise of the game for those in the dark it follows an alterable story from a choice of three chapters, which rely on the success of your reactions during focal slo-mo events to determine your progression throughout the game. Players can compete for the highest scores from previous users and/or simply beat their opponent.

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