Year-upon-year success as Raw Thrills consistently impress with new products

Added 10.02.20

Raw Thrills have developed a prosperous reputation and a rich library of games since their formation in 2001, which led to a partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Limited (BNAE) – it was even just announced that they have added India to their extensive list (European/Middle Eastern/CIS/Baltic and Turkish markets) to be exclusive distributor of US-produced Raw Thrills games. Raw Thrills place such tremendous value on customer feedback with emphatic tests on location, meaning they’ll never push out a product that is under-developed. This is very evident in the sheer power and user enthusiasm of their products.

Nitro Trucks developed by Play Mechanix studio from Raw Thrills Inc was first unveiled at IAAPA ’19 and again showcased at EAG last month. Its exceptionally striking appearance encouraged unrelenting streams of onlookers and players throughout the show, so it’s certainly ticking the box on the aesthetic front. We’re equally satisfied that Raw Thrills’ reputation of impactful content and high performing games will see it right on site once it surpasses its production date in Spring. 

With 6 months on the market demonstrating top-earnings, Super Bikes 3 is evidence enough of Raw Thrills’ powerful development abilities and meticulous user analysis to deem this machine a total diamond in the vast and populated world of bike-based arcade games. BNAE’s International Sales Manager Josh Hurst says “Raw Thrills have manufactured motorbike style games for over 15 years and have excelled on each creation - their attention to detail on the cabinet and software is second to none. Having their unique product portfolio on location makes for a winning formula in any market across the world today.”

Needless to say, NERF also dominates after a successful launch last summer. Each of the four levels available are rife with targets to fire at so there will always be an ambitious score to aspire to reach, all compiled on to an online leader board system.

Now, on to next level sort of stuff - Raw Thrills are making extremely ambitious promises that will apparently quench the thirstiest of VR-fans with their upcoming release KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND VR. Not ones to mince their words, they’re set to live up to this sky-high bar, cramming the game full to the brim with their diverse and far-reaching industry experience. Eugene Jarvis, founder of Raw Thrills recently commented in their newsletter: “We have to earn our keep one game at a time – and we never forget it – and that’s why we pack each Raw Thrills game until it is smoking - even exploding with secret sauce.” More information on this to come.

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